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Ruth Johnson wrote on 29. Apr 2006
They both are just darling
Kelly Hoerter wrote on 09. Apr 2006
I haven't updates in a while. Everything going OK?
Tim Simpson wrote on 30. Aug 2005
Are you still using your crib. We have the same crib for our daughter, but since we have twins on the way, we are looking for one more. The crib is discontinued. Please let me know if you would be interested in selling the crib. Many thanks!
Ikie and Al wrote on 05. Jan 2005
Hi, guys: We just wanted to look in on your website to see if you had pics of the new little guy. We liked the ones you attached to your e-mail. Hope mom and baby are both doing fine. Hope to see you soon. Love ya!
Larisa Huffman wrote on 29. Dec 2004
Hi everyone, congrats on your new bundle. I hope Grant loves his new baby! Take care. I'll look forward to seeing more pictures.
P.S. We are expecting #3 in July:)
Jamie Dailey wrote on 28. Dec 2004 Website
Congratulations you two!!! Happy Holiday's!
Kelly Hoerter wrote on 06. Dec 2004
I just noticed a spelling error on the New Baby page: "A new baby si on the way". I am so happy for you two, and your growing family. :)
Marla Grossman wrote on 03. Sep 2004
Hey, cool - wish I could do this but don't have anything very interesting to post. We are too old ;0)
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