Our Home

Our Home

Our Colors

Living Room: Navy, Hunter Green and Beige

Kitchen: Hunter Green and Beige

Master Bedroom: Navy, Hunter Green, and Burgundy

Master Bathroom: Amethyst, Burgundy, and Slate

Second Bathroom: Navy and whatever else we decide to toss in there :)

Putting two people together who have already lived on their own for a while makes for a strange looking place for a while! We both have different tastes in decorating. Jon will pick up the first thing he sees as long as it doesn't have flowers or pastels. I like to match everything. With both of our hand-me-down collections, this will take while to do though. I wish everyone we knew had the same furniture so when they gave us their old stuff, it matched! Oh well, we love it all! I love our new kitchen stuff and all new fuzzy towels! It's definitely one of the best parts about getting married- all the cool new stuff you get! Our home is our home, and totally unique!

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