How we Met

How we Met

It was the beginning of the school year (1997). I was living in the campus apartments again. I was having trouble with my old Mac. I tried everything I could to get connected to the school's network, but nothing seemed to work. So, I called the complex computer guy. He came over the next day. I wasn't interested...not at all. I wasn't interested in getting into a relationship or even making any new friends for that matter. I just wanted my computer fixed so I could go on my merry way. He seemed just as uninterested.

He worked and worked on my computer. He seemed like he knew a lot (about Macs too, which was really surprising), but he couldn't get the darn thing fixed. He offered to let me come over and check my email on his computer (next door). I turned him down- didn't want to go to some strangers place. He decided to try a few things downstairs. As soon as he left my roommate started teasing me about him, telling me he was cute and thought he was nice so I should flirt with him. Apparently, she had met him earlier that day at his other job For some reason, I trusted her judgement and decided he may not be all THAT bad.

When he came back I started asking more questions about him. After all, he'd been in my bedroom for a half hour already, seen all the junk on my computer, and met all my roommates. He wasn't too responsive. He left again. When he came back he told me he was out of options. I decided that I had some "important email I was waiting for" and asked if I could take him up on his offer to check my email. He thought it was really strange being that I turned him down earlier, but he still let me come over.

I was a little freaked out by his roommates. He explained that he got stuck in that apartment, didn't know any of them beforehand, and didn't care to get to know any of them any better. We talked about stupid little stuff and he waited while I checked my email. I made sure to take extra long checking the email, searching through folders for certain things and whatnot. I told him about my web-pages, which I knew absolutely nothing about. (A friend got me started and I was left with a half-finished page). Jon helped me fix a few things on the pages and add some other neat things while we talked and talked.

Before we knew it, it was almost 2 in the morning. I went home. He came back the next day to see if the hardware person had fixed my comptuer connection. Of course they hadn't gotten around to it yet. He stayed a while and chatted. He came back again the next day, and even though they had fixed it, he stayed and we talked for a long time again. I offered him supper and of course he took me up on it.

Every night after that, he made an excuse to come over and before I knew it I was engaged to the "computer boy."

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