Our Honeymoom

Our Honeymoon

Jon planned the entire honeymoon without me, just like I wanted. I was too busy with wedding stuff to worry about this and I trusted his judgement. I did get a ton of brochures and circled the places I would like to go though! As soon as he booked it, I learned that we were to spend 5 nights at Sandal's Dunn's River Golf Resort & Spa

Our honeymoon began bright and early Sunday morning. We had an 8:00 flight out of KCI so we needed to be at the airport by 7. That meant getting up around 6 and taking the hotel shuttle at 6:30. That was NOT fun. After waiting in line for almost our entire hour of prep time, we finally made it to our gate as our rows were being called, rushed through the metal detectors and got our bags x-rayed. And who would have guessed, as if we weren't almost the last ones on the plane, my bag had to have another test- found out later that this was a random explosive material residue test. (I sure hope I didn't look suspicious!) It only took a few minutes and we were safely on our plane headed to Chicago.

The flight to Chicago was quick. A little bumpy, but I've had worse flights! Had a 45 minute, or so, wait there so we grabbed breakfast. I never new an airport McDonald's would have such great cinnamon rolls! We heard a call for people on our flight to give up their seats and take the next flight out. We'd get a travel voucher and a few other goodies so we checked it out. Of course, the next flight to Miami landed just minutes before our flight to Jamaica took off! Oh well.

Chicago to Miami was the longest flight, 2 1/2 hours I think! We got served a yummy lunch... (Well, the Ruffles were good!) I zonked out as soon as I finished eating! Then our 4 hour layover at Miami. We got dinner, read magazines, checked over and over making sure our flight was still on, out of boredom. And, as Jon won't let me forget, cleaned out my carry-on bag. I grabbed something out of the bag and it was wet. So we dumped out that side of the bag and dried everything off. Luckily we found a quiet area to do all that!

Then off to Jamaica. The attendant reading off the emergency instructions was fun. Instead of the normal script he threw his own little bits in there. (Don't inflate your lifevest unless instructed, or if you see a lot of fish!) The flight was okay. I slept for a lot of this one too. We got near Montego Bay and encountered thunderstorms. So, instead of waiting it out, we went to the other side of the island to Kingston. We sat on the plane, knowing nothing for the most part, for an hour and a half and then back to Montego Bay- a whole 18 minute flight!

After the bumpy hour and fifteen minute drive to Dunn's River, we finally felt like we were on our honeymoon. Our room was gorgeous, bright colors, roomy, and a beautiful view of the garden outside our window. We finally got to our room at about 1 am and were ready to collapse!

The resort had plenty of activities to keep us entertained. Monday and Tuesday it rained for most of the day, but we still had fun. Monday night we went to a show that featured a Nail Board Dancer, Fire-Breather, and Snakes! There was also a drawing for door prizes which we won! We got some gift certificates for one of the shops downtown, pefume and a leather pouch!

Tuesday we signed up for the shopping trip once we realized it was another rainy day. We were done with our shopping about 30 minutes after shopping so we sat around and talked at the first shopping center and found Baskin Robbins at the 2nd one. After that, Jon made me golf. There is a "pitch-and-putt" at the resort so we made a quick stop there. He has pictures of it just to prove he got to golf on his honeymoon.

Wednesday we climbed Dunn's River Falls. It is a waterfall that you climb on these rocks. It was a lot of fun. The trip also included a short snorkeling stop. Once I finally got the hang of snorkeling, it was time to go! Jon got pretty sunburnt, even with the sunblock I made him wear! I got a little red, but after all the tanning I did for the wedding, I don't think it was possible to burn anymore.

Thursday we were pretty exhausted from all the stuff we had done. We participated in some pool olympics and hung out on the beach for a while. Other than that, we were pretty quiet. Stayed in the room because we were so hot and the sunburns were hurting. Jon went to the "pitch-and-putt" again and competed in their contest. Thursday night we went to an art auction and bought some paintings for our apartment.

We wanted to go scuba diving, but were glad we didn't. The resort gives courses, but they only certify you to dive at their resort for that one trip. We started out in a class, but dropped out when I couldn't complete the swim test because of my sore leg. (I bumped it wrong the day before and had some horrible pain there for a while and it was still acting up a little.) We found out the next day that the course was at least 3 1/2 hours long and we wouldn't be able to do the other activities because it coincided with them!

Sandal's puts together a great deal. It was an all-inclusive resort so we didn't have to pay for any food or anything like that, however we did have to pay for the shopping trip and Dunn's River Falls trip. It was nice not having to carry any cash with us! There was only 4 restaurants to chose from for dinner, 2 for lunch, and a buffet for breakfast. We didn't care for anything off of 2 of the restaurants menues so we were stuck with Italian and the International which we forgot to go to. They had special dinner buffets on 2 evenings which were pretty good. There was also a beach grill which served cheeseburgers and pizza slices which was open all the time too. All in all, it was a great deal, but we were too picky to enjoy the food!

The honeymoon was great for the most part. I left out a lot of details if you didn't realize, but did you really think that I would divulge the other stuff???

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. If you want some more details on this, email me. Pictures are located in the album on this page.

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