One Day Before the Big One!

Although I've been working on the wedding since last summer, I thought I'd let you in on a little of what happened the two big days- the day before and the actual wedding day.

The wedding really started to come together sometime Friday. We started at about noon decorating the church. We were having the reception in the Fellowship Hall, so we did all teh decorating there and the sanctuary. Everything from putting the centerpieces down to hanging the tulle on the wall was done by my family and friends.

Since we were trying to keep it simple, we decided to make the food ourselves. So, we made about 200 sandwiches! Plus we organized salads and had to find room in the church refrigerator for all of our stuff! I'm just glad I'm not the one stuck with ALL that leftover potato salad and sliced meat!

Friday I also got my nails done. (I probably wouldn't have done this, but I won a free set! One of the benefits of hitting every bridal show within 60 miles!) I left at about 3 to go get this done. It was nice to get away for a little while and take a breather from all the stress! When I got back, my friends had started showing up. (that was definitely the 2nd best part of the wedding- having all of my favorite people together!)

All the dresses fit well, except Kelly (one of my bridesmaids) was a little loose on the top so she duct taped her dress to chest! That was a hoot!

Rehearsal was at 6:30. It was a lot fun. My preacher likes to make it that way. He had us all running down the aisle and rolling on the floor laughing! Dinner was to be immediately following rehearsal. We had organized it to be catered at the church. Since we got done with rehearsal rather quickly, dinner wasn't there we sat around and wondered if we would be going down the street to McDonalds for food. It eventually showed up and we dug in!

After sitting around and chatting for quite a while after dinner, we decided we needed to get some sleep. The group eventually left and we went home. Jon went to the hotel with his dad and I spent my last night alone! At about 12:30 I think I laid down to try to get some sleep. I didn't know how hard that would be! It took quite a while to get to sleep, and when I finally did get to sleep, I woke up wondering if it was really happening to me or I was just in a really good dream. I think I squeezed in a few hours of shut-eye here and there!

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