The proposal

How he Proposed

Jon was doing his internship for the summer in Kansas City. I was living at home and doing an internship in Des Moines. He would come visit about every other weekend. We had talked about marriage a lot and was was almost certain Jon was the one. I was expecting a big hoopla of an engagement, complete with publicity and everyone in the world knowing it. He had told me a few of his ideas, but told me he couldn't do them because I knew about them already.

One weekend, we decided to meet in Des Moines and go to my favorite restaurant for dinner. He had planned on coming out to my workplace and picking me up, but called just before he got to town and told me to meet him there instead. All night long he was acting funny, telling me to come over and sit next to him in the booth, leaving to go to the bathroom, trying to talk me into dessert, etc. I just KNEW something was up. The night passed with no diamond.

I told Jon about what I was thinking that night. He laughed and told me he had no intentions whatsoever about asking me to marry him that night! I was looking into it way too much. We talked again about marriage. Before he left for Kansas City, I told him if I held on to him while he was away for eight months, I better be getting something out of it, meaning, I didn't want to get strung along all that time and then dumped the day he returned. He took it as meaning I wanted ring by the time he returned. We talked about this that night. I told him I never needed to marry him as long as he always loved me.

He came up a few weekends later and we met in Des Moines again. We went to a really fancy restaurant that night. The next night we spent washing and cleaning out our cars. We went to another one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. We both pigged out! I was SO stuffed when we got home, I thought I was going to burst right out of my shorts.

The second we got in the door, I went into my room to change into my comfy shorts before we went upstairs to watch our movie. I came out of my room and Jon was in the guest room with the door shut. I knocked on the door to see what he was doing. He came out and gave me a really strange look. He told me he couldn't find his pajamas. I told him I was going to the bathroom and came right back.

Jon was sitting on the end of my bed when I returned. He told me to come sit by him. He made me sit really close and then close my eyes. I was curious as to what he had up his sleeve. I heard him move around. He took my hand and told me to open my eyes. When I did, I saw a diamond and him on his knee asking me to marry him. After I calmed down, I said yes, cried a little bit more and wore the ring for the rest of the weekend.

I wanted my parents to be the first to know, but they were on vacation that weekend. I didn't want to tell them over the phone, so we waited until Jon came up the next weekend and they were back. They were a little surprised, but claim they always knew we'd be getting married someday.

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