Details for the Big Day

You all should know the date and time by now (June 12, 3:00) and have received a map if you don't think you can find the church on your own. If not, email me and I'll get one right to you.

Wedding colors are cranberry and mauve. Girls are wearing cranberry dresses and mauve is just the accent color. I have no idea why I chose these colors, but I'm not regretting it yet so that must be a good sign.

My bridesmaids are my 3 best friends- Kelly and I have been friends since 3rd grade Sunday School. We got in a lot of trouble from day one until she moved to Minnesota after 5th grade. We've kept in touch one way or another since then (email has been a wonderful blessing!) My favorite memory of Kelly is 5th grade and making up sign language so we could communicate across the classroom.

Tammy and I met in 8th grade and had our share of good times that year and through high school (and suffered Band Geekdom together). Tammy and I went to Arizona in 10th grade with our marching band. That had to be the best time together, although skipping study hall and going out to lunch everyday was also a riot.

I have no idea why I decided to talk to Ananda. We both waited for rides home from school together in high school and one day just started talking. We got to know each other pretty well chatting for an hour or so everyday. Ananda stayed in town until I went of to school. Even though I wasn't really around when she left, it was a horrible feeling knowing that she wouldn't be there to hang out with when I came home on the weekend. Ananda and I had so many great times, it's hard to chose which is my favorite memory- putting marshmallows in a friend's yard in the rain, my car breaking down on the "loop," or watching her embarrassment as her mom pulled up in that big ol' blue boat.

My sister is serving as my personal attendant. She would have been a bridesmaid, but we decided at 9 months pregnant, that may be difficult. At the guestbook, its my brother's girlfriend, Lisa. Lisa is a riot. She has a way of making everyone smile. And Heather. Heather and I went to the same church growing up, but became friends at school sharing a lot of classes together my last few semesters.

Jon's niece, Madelaine, is the flowergirl. My nephew, Braden, is the ring bearer. They are both 3 1/2 so we'll just wait and see how they handle their jobs.

As for Jon's side: His brother, Dan, and friends Jim and Matt are the groomsmen. Ushers are my brother, Kyle, and Jon's friends Randy and Jamie. I don't know what he wants me to say about them, so I'll just keep quiet.

We're having a simple reception at the church. We're not doing a big dance and dinner for many reasons, the most important is that we didn't think we'd have much fun ourselves (not the drinking or dancing type and we figured we'd be exhausted by the time the reception starts and besides- we want to get back to the hotel for our wedding night festivities!)

We're flying of to Jamaica Sunday morning at 8 out of Kansas City, so we're going to head to KC Saturday night. (Another bonus to wrapping up early!) We'll be back Friday night and probably back in Iowa sometime that weekend to open gifts and all that fun stuff.

That's about all I have to say now- don't want to say too much and spoil the big day! Hope to see you all June 12th!

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