The Big Day

Our Wedding Day

Saturday is kinda fuzzy still. I still don't believe it all happened. I woke up bright and early to make sure I didn't sleep through any appointments! (I had a ton of nightmares and wanted to be certain none could happen!)

The first thing was my hair appointment at 10:00. When I got there, I found out Tammy (another bridesmaid) was getting her hair done at the same time, same place which wasn't planned- that was really cool so we could see what the other was getting done! Then I got my makeup done and headed back to the hairplace to fasten the veil on. (both in the mall) They all thought I looked great :)

Then to the chuch to get ready. Ananda (BM) informed me that the stuff she got to cover her tattoo didn't work so it would show. I was kinda upset, but didn't really care beyond that- not too many people would be concerned about her chest- she did put some foundation which faded it a bit. Got the dress on and all the final details then saw Jon for the first time. He made my cry....he was so sweet and kept looking at me with these big huge adorable eyes!

Then come the pictures. That was definitely the WORST part of the day. I love my photographer to death. He is SO sweet and easy to get along with- whatever I wanted went! First came my pictures. I felt so funny up there all alone with all these people looking at me and all these pictures being taken of ME.

Then came the to do full party. Braden, my nephew and ringbearer was asleep downstairs so we did bridesmaids, groomsmen with us, etc. Then, when Braden finally showed up we attempted to do the full-party pictures. He was NOT going to cooperate. We probably spent at least 20 minutes through the entire thing just trying to get his finger out of his mouth. Finally we gave up and have a bunch of pictures with his fingers in his mouth. On the other hand, Mady, Jon's niece and flowergirl, was a little angel! She was much better than we had ever anticipated- SUPER for a three-year-old! Then did the family shots and by the time everyone showed up and was ready for pictures, we were really far behind on time. As soon as these were finished, we had to get out of the sanctuary to get the wedding underway.

My bridesmaids and I headed back to our dressing room. Jon came in and forced me to eat a sandwich since I hadn't had anything yet that day and wouldn't get anything for a while! I realized while eating that my make-up was not in our room. So I sent one of my bridesmaids searching for it. She came back and by that time it was time for us to get going!

Jon came in and told us we were needed. Whoever was supposed to be telling us this was not doing their job. Got lined up and realized that we had a little bit longer. Then it dawned on me that I didn't ever get the chance to fix my lipstick and it was getting close to time to go. Nobody was around to run get it for me, so I took off to the dressing room to get it. Didn't realize until I turned around what that looked like- Bride running out right before her entrance- turned around and saw one of the ushers mouth dropping to the floor and my dad running after me. I just smiled and finished what I was there to do.

I came back as Braden and Mady were getting ready to go. (They were supposed to go sit with their parents when they were done, figuring they wouldn't stay put through the ceremony- hadn't rehearsed that with Mady she walked up to Jon and he pointed her to her parents when everyone turned to see me. Braden sat down with Grandma and the first thing he says, "She dropped all her flowers on the floor.

Then the music started for me and everyone turned and looked at me. I remember one face that entire walk, although I was looking at everyone! Then came one of my most embarrassing moments! I tripped up the stairs to the stage! I don't know how noticable it was, just a few mis-steps, but STILL! Two of the three bridesmaids did the same thing, so I didn't feel so bad!

I don't remember too much of the ceremony. I remember looking into Jon's eyes and seeing how nervous he looked and out of the corner of my eye and seeing all the people in the church. I also remember being worried about the unity candles (the ones we use to light the big one) because they were melting really fast! I was afraid they'd be burned down by the time we go up there, but they weren't- just had to hold them funny!

Pastor went on about my ring, saying it was really beatiful so everyone had to see it in the receiving line. I would have to agree with him! He gave his little sermon about us having potential...I had this dumb song going through my mind from when I was like 5, "I've got PO-tentiality..."

Amazingly enough, I didn't cry until I saw my Mom crying as she was dismissed. Then the receiving line seemed to go on forever although it was nice to have a second or two to say hi to everyone. I also got to meet a lot of Jon's relatives and parents' friends.

Then we went back into finish the pictures because of our running out of time. Only had about 4 left so it went quick. Then we went downstairs to the reception. My mom, dad and Jon bussled my dress in the absence of my personal attendant. It took them forever because, well, two guys??

The reception was okay. It was simple- sandwiches, salads, chips... Cake was the wrong color and didn't look like the picture. We didn't really know when we were supposed to do things. We showed a video of us growing up which went over well, except for some lady who stood in front of the screen half of the time. Had a few "speeches." Then came all the singles' favorite part: throwing the bouquet and garter. After sending someone upstairs to get the bouquet I tossed it and showed everyone why I never went out for basketball! It fell on the floor in front of the girls. So I picked it up and threw it again. Shena, a girlfriend of Jon's friend caught it. Then Jon took of the garter- the tame way, with his fingers. He tossed it and who would catch it, but Shena's boyfriend, Jim!

Since it looked like the party was winding down, we decided to make our grand exit. We had purchased over a hundred of those little bottles of bubbles to send us off with. (I spend countless hours putting labels on them and tying and curling ribbon around them!) I was worried about what we'd do while they were lining up outside but one of my mom's coworkers wanted to take some pictures of us (just starting his own photography business and wants to put together a portfolio) we did that while we waited. Then we headed up and went outside into our see of bubbles! Jim had pulled Jon's car right up for us and even opened up the door for me! They friends were pretty tame with his car- just a big sign on the back.

We drove around town for a little bit and came back to the church when we figured most people would be gone. Got all of our stuff together and headed back to my house. Then down to Kansas City....That's about all I think you need to know :)

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