The Aftermath

We both recently started our lives down here- Jon at the same company he did his internships for college through and me at a new radio station doing overnights. Although our opposite shifts will be rough, we're excited that I did find a job and Jon is already happy with his.

We've got a great apartment- 2 bedrooms, fitness center, pool, and tanning bed for the residents. And as an added bonus, I know how to get to all the neccessities- the mall, Olive Garden, Outback, Old Navy, movie theater, ATMs and Hy-Vee (oh, and to work, too)!! We do have an extra bed and a couch that would love to have someone sleeping there sometime- so if you are ever in town, give us a call!

That's about it for what we have planned. The rest I guess we'll take it as it comes :)

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