Our Toilet

Why do we have a page dedicated to our toilet? Because we're still mad about it! Since our house was vacant for so long, when we moved in we had problems with the plumbing from the house. When we ran the washer, too much water went down at one time and it backed up into our laundry room. So, we called a plumber. However, a few days before he was supposed to come, we mentioned it to our neighbor. He happened to have a brother who is a plumber and he'd give us a great deal. So, we cancelled the other appointment and the brother came out the next day. The brother came out (an hour early so Jon wasn't home yet) and (after dragging his muddy equipment through the house) started to snake out the drain.

He was really rude to me. He thought I was a complete moron and just wanted me out of his hair. So I sat in the other room. I thought I heard something funny just as Jon was coming in. We looked in the bathroom and his snake had come out though our toilet! Jon ran in to tell him to stop. After about 5 times of yelling at him to stop, he finally shut off the machine. He went into the bathroom and saw the damage, told us our plumbing was messed up and then packed up his things and left.

We called his father, the owner of the company, to try to get reimbursed for the toilet. He said since we made the appointment directly with the guy, it wasn't company business and refused to do anything. We went to The Better Business Bureau, but they believed his line of garbage and sent us a nice little letter explaining that they couldn't do a darn thing. So, we bought our new toilet ourselves. By the way, we called Roto-Rooter and they snaked the drain and it's worked fine ever since.

So, here's pictures of the damage:

Pieces of it went everywhere! I'm glad nobody got hurt in the incident.
The hole on the left The hole on the right

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