Grant's Arrival

Our little one made his arrival ten days late on October 16, 2002. Labor, thankfully, was pretty quick. I'd been having Braxton Hicks contractions, maybe a few real ones every now and then, but nothing too spectacular for about two weeks. My doctor was really pushing for an induction, but I put it off. I saw no reason to unless his or my health was at risk. So, they made me take a couple Non-Stress Tests and another ultrasound just to make sure everything was okay.

Everything was fine and we were ready to wait it out a few more days, when he finally decided to make his appearance. After the Tuesday ultrasound (which estimated him at 38 weeks), my water broke at 2 am Wednesday morning. I actually woke up at about 1:15 with a tummy ache and took some Tums. It didn't help much, but I still tried to go back to sleep. At 2:00, I felt a contraction and something wet. I just figured it was a little discharge, so I didn't think much of it. Then I started to wonder if it wasn't something more. I went to the bathroom and sure enough, my underwear was quite wet. I woke Jon up and started packing the bags.

We got checked into the hospital at about 3 and I measured in at 1 1/2 cm (as opposed to the 2 on Monday). I stripped down, put on the lovely hospital gown and got all the monitors strapped on. The nurse did a little ph strip test and told me my water hadn't broken. She was convinced that it was just some watery discharge. She continued to monitor me and ask a zillion questions. The contractions were coming pretty regularly at about 5-7 minutes apart and were getting harder and harder. We talked about the few people who get sick to their stomach in labor. I was one of them. So, the first time, I took off the monitor straps and went into the bathroom. The nurse came running in and freaked out. Not only was I in trouble for taking off the monitor (I was just supposed to disconnect them), but I apparently didn't eat a very good dinner (How was I supposed to know I was going in to labor that night?)

Around 4, I think, I measured at 3. I was contracting pretty regularly at 3-4 minute intervals and she finally decided that I was in real labor. They finally admitted me and gave me my new bracelet and ordered the blood work.

I continued to brave my way through the contractions, although I was in horrid pain. She gave me some Nubane at about 5:30 or so. I don't know if I had told someone that I didn't want an epidural or not, but other than the consent form I signed when I was admitted, it was never mentioned. I really wanted to do the whole labor drug-free, but the Nubane was very much appreciated! It took about 30 minutes to kick in and wore off about 30 minutes after that, but it was too late at that point to get more!

At 6:30, the night nurse did her last internal check and I was at 5 cm. The lab-guy came in shortly after this to take some blood. He wanted to wait until I was in between contractions, so I told him when it was okay to start. He strapped on the elastic band and started poking around. Before he could poke me, another contraction hit in. He waited for a little bit then apologized. He had to get the blood before I had the baby and I was just contracting to fast for him to get it between contractions. So I had a needle in one arm and Jon on the other while I contracted!

My nurse disappeared for about a half hour and I got two new wonderful nurses at 7. Apparently, one was brand new and I was one of her first deliveries to assist. Each time I had an internal check, both nurses checked to make sure they agreed. . At about 7:30, they asked what I was feeling and apparently, the throbbing I was feeling for the last 45 minutes was the baby trying to get out! I had gone through "transition," had dilated to 10 and was ready to push. I actually asked about more Nubane or an epidural, but they said it was too late. I pushed a few times, but I was so afraid that he'd come out before the doctor came in that I wasn't trying too hard. The doctor showed up around 8 and all the equipment was rolled in. A couple new nurses came in to take care of the baby too.

I guess I wasn't ready for the pushing to come all that quickly. I was a little scared, in pain and really tired. I pushed for about 15-20 minutes and I could tell something was wrong. The doctor had them break out the vacuum and was ready to do an episiotomy. I was scared to death of that, so I pushed really hard. When his head started to crown, they had Jon look and me feel it. It was the weirdest feeling in the world. I gave it a couple hard pushes and he was out! Grant Calvin arrived at 8:33 a.m. Those first few seconds were the scariest, before he cried and nobody was saying anything. Everything was perfect though! They laid him on my belly while they dried him off and I got to see the most beautiful eyes in the world looking up at me! Soon, they whisked him away to do all the brand-new baby things. I heard him crying and wanted so badly to go hold him and make him stop, but they wouldn't let me. The doctor had to stitch me up and they had to run their tests and get him all cleaned up. Soon enough he was snuggled up in my lap again! Other than my tear and some infection on the placenta, we are all healthy and happy to finally meet Grant!

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