Bailey's Story

When I was five, I got my first dog. She was the cutest little white mutt. We called her Muffy. Then in 4th grade, my parents came home one day and surprised us with another dog. Mikki was a black cocker spaniel (my mom's favorite kind of dog). Muffy left us when I was 14 and soon after came Sadie, a blonde cocker spaniel. A few weeks after I left for college, Mikki passed away. Then came Sierra. Sierra was yet another cocker spaniel, this time, a darker tone of buff. I fell in love with the adorable cocker spaniels too, but I didn't like all the problems I'd seen ours go through with their ears and the horrible shedding.

As soon as I left home for Kansas City, I missed the dogs like crazy. Jon wouldn't let me have one in the apartment. The pet-rent and deposit were just insane and we knew what a hassle it would be walking the dog all the time and not having a place for it to run around and play. So, the day we put the offer on our house, we started our dog-shopping. Jon originally wanted a Basset Hound, but I talked him out of that. I grew up with a very loud Basset across the street and that turned me off from the breed forever. Not to mention, the awful drooling and they're another shedder. So, we compromised to a beagle.

I was hooked on the idea of rescuing a dog from the shelter, so we went from shelter to shelter. Finally, we went to the Kansas City, Missouri Shelter and found a few dogs we liked. We had skipped the first row of dogs because it was too busy. We were getting ready to leave without a dog when I remembered that we hadn't seen the first row.

I drug Jon down the row and spotted this shy little furry puppy. Jon tried to pull me away, but I couldn't resist. She was half cocker spaniel, just like I'd spent most of my life with and she had the cutest fluffy face! Bailey is a cockapoo- half cocker spaniel and half poodle. We got her out and played with her. I think Jon finally realized there was no stopping me from getting her. We went back in and paid for her. Then we got the most awful news. We had to wait four days to take her home! They require all dogs to be fixed and had to give her a few shots. So we went home and bought all the dog stuff and prepared the house for our puppy. She was only 11 months old at the time and we had no idea whether or not she would chew or if she was housebroken.

We both took off early from work the day we got to get Bailey. (Her name before was Baby, we both liked Bailey and it was close enough to her original name) They realized Bailey had already been fixed so we really wouldn't have had to wait to take her home. I tried not to get too upset about that! We soon learned that she wasn't nearly the shy little puppy at the shelter. She spent half of the first night barking! After a few days she had adjusted to our schedules and we adjusted to the life of being dog-parents.

We were so excited the first time we were able to take Bailey to meet Sadie and Sierra. We thought she'd get along great with them. We couldn't have been more wrong. Sierra just about took off Bailey's nose a few times. She apparently doesn't like other dogs in her territory. Sadie doesn't mind Bailey, but she'd rather keep her house quiet and calm as usual.

Bailey is our neighborhood watchdog. She spends most of the evenings laying on the back of one of our couches watching out the front windows. she lets us know whenever another animal is in the vicinity and if anyone is wandering around the neighborhood that we don't know. She makes sure we don't get any naps in also. She loves squeaky toys, especially her ball. She'd run around squeaking it for hours if we'd let her! Her next favorite thing is chewing bones. Her favorites are the ones with two knots. According to Bailey, the best part is chewing off the first knot. Then it's no fun anymore and the bone just lies around the house until she gets really bored.

I don't think we could have found a better dog. Bailey never sheds, doesn't have any health issues and she's pretty easy to take care of. She's small enough to be an "inside dog" and too big to worry about squashing her when we sit down. And, if I can say so myself, I think she's just the cutest little thing on this planet!

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